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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday's Class - What is a Sonnet?

Do Now - COPY
Entry Title:  What is a Sonnet?

Sonnet - Italian word meaning "little song" - a poem made up of 14 lines of iambic pentameter verse with one central theme arranged in quatrains and ending with a rhyming couplet.

  1. Do Now - Copy definition of a sonnet.
  2. EQ:  Do you know the proper format of a sonnet?
  3. Announcement: Present your Found Poem presentations postphoned until Monday and Tuesday of next week!
  4. Mini-lesson:  Video on the sonnet format.
  5. Guided Practice:  The How to Write a Sonnet Worksheet
  6. Demonstration:  A Whole-class Sonnet
  7. Assessment: Completion of The Structure and Meaning of a Sonnet Worksheet
  8. Homework:  The Structure and Meaning of a Sonnet Homework Hand-out.
  9. Quiz tomorrow on The Structure of a Sonnet!

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