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Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday's Class - Violent Beginnings

Get Your Composition Notebook
and Romeo and Juliet!

DO NOW - Copy! Entry Title: Exposition Review

The beginning of a work of fiction. During the
exposition (the beginning) we find out about the setting (time and place), who are the main characters, what is the problem the main character(s) must face or overcome and the overall mood of the story.

  1. Do Now - Entry on Foreshadowing
  2. Don't Forget:  Be on time to class - seated, quiet, working on your Do Now! 
  3. How did Thursday and Friday go last week?
  4. Today's Question: Can you identify all the parts of the exposition of Romeo and Juliet? 
  5. Mini-Lesson: 1) Review of exposition.  2) Example: "Circle of Life" Music Video! 
  6. Try It: Graphic Organizer for the Exposition of the play.
  7. Get It:  Write a TREES essay in which you explain why Shakespeare might have used a violent mood for the exposition of a play about romance. (Hint: it has something to do with dramatic irony.)
  8. HW: Complete exposition essay.

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