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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday's Class - Viewing of Acts IV and V Part I

What You Need for Class Today...
  1. Your Composition Book
  2. Something with which to write
  3. Study Guide Questions for the play on back table

Do Now:  Think and Respond
Entry Title: Texting Juliet!

Imagine you could send a text message back in time to Juliet.  What might be some  advice would you give her? What are some things you might say to help her feel less hopeless?

Write Juliet a text message that you think could help her before its too late.   

  1. Do Now:  Texting Juliet!
  2. Is stealing ever OK?
  3. In-class Testing
  4. Rule reminder:  Make smart choices!
  5. Quote of the week:  "Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self confidence."  - Robert Frost
  6. Today's Question: Can you explain what Fr. Lawrence's plan is and what he's asking Juliet to do?
  7. Mini Lesson: Viewing of Act IV up until Romeo arrives at Juliet's tomb.
  8. Practice Time: Complete 10 thoughts as you view the film by the end of the period for a classwork grade.
  9. Assessment:  Number and quality of thoughts!
  10. Homework: Complete study guide questions #1-3 for Thursday on loose-leaf paper to be handed in for a grade!

Answer Question Game
In this game, you are given the answer and you have to come up with the question.


1. Answer: Lord Montague, Lady Montague, Romeo,
                 Mercutio, Benvolio, Abram, Belthasar

    Possible Questions:
            a. List at least three members of the House of Montague.

            b. Who are the Montague?
            c.  Who are the enemies of the Capulets?


     This Answer-Question is low level on Bloom's Taxonomy.

2. Answer

    I fear, too early; for my mind misgives
    Some consequence, yet hanging in the stars,
    Shall bitterly begin his fearful date
    With this night's revels and expire the term
    Of a despised life, closed in my breast,
    By some vile forfiet of untimely death.

    Question: Give an example of how Shakespeare's uses
                     foreshadowing to create suspense in his audience.

                     Explain how Juliet reacts when the Nurse
                     condemns Romeo for killing Tybalt.


1. Answer:  The feud betwen the Capulets and the Montagues is the backdrop for the romance between Romeo and Juliet.  "Is she a Capulet? O dear account! My life is my foe's debt."  Although it may seem odd for a love story to begin with violence between two feuding famlies, this teachnique actually helps to make the love between Romeo and Juliet that much more amazing.

    Possible Questions:

2.   Blistered be thy tongue
      for such a wish! He was not born to shame.

      Upon his brow, shame is ashamed to sit;
    Possible Questions:


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