Past Lessons

Monday, October 28, 2013

Period 9 - Week 9

MONDAY - Single Period
  • Do Now: Use three vocabulary words in one sentence that highlights the meaning of each word. Underline them!
  •     Sample Sentence: My dilemma was apparently obvious to the class based on the awkward look on my face trying to decide whether I should give the student a pass to the nurse or the library.

  • Homework Check: Ten Words in Sentences

  • Learning Target: You should be able to recall the major events in chapters 9-14.

  • Model good storyboards using Gallery Walk.

  • Things to Remember About Storyboards

  •      Have a title slide.
  •      Use interesting camera angles.
  •      Make sure descriptions are neat, legible, spelled correctly and grammatically correct.

  • Begin storyboards to review ch. 9-14, maybe 7 & 8.

  • Homework: Study for Vocabulary Quiz II.  Bring home your flash cards!

TUESDAY - Double Period
  • Do Now:  Get ready for Quiz on Vocabulary Lists II and III
  •     Get something to write with.
  •     Take all materials off your desk.
  •     Raise your hand when you're done.
  •     Start Independent Reading

  • Take Vocabulary Quiz 

  • Independent Reading (Remember to use the proper format!!!!)

  • Start a New Entry Titled: Vocabulary List IV

  • Word Study (Add these to your Vocabulary List IV entry.)
  •   - plausible (plausibly, implausible): seeming reasonable or possible.
  •   - complicated (complicate, uncomplicated) make something more difficult or confusing by causing it to be more complex.
  • Read Aloud: Chapter 15, 148-158.  Focus on making Inferences about the author's purpose.

  • Finish your storyboard if not complete.

WEDNESDAY - Single Period
  • Do Now: Get Your Storyboard out.

  • Present your storyboard.
  •      1. Watch it!
  •      2.  Rehearse it!
  •      3.  Peer Review it! (See Rubric)
  •      4.  Do it!

  • Update Plot chart if time.

  • Update Charts:  Text Structure, Character, Plot

THURSDAYS - Double Period 
  • Work on and Rehearse Storyboard (30 Minute)
  • Finish Storyboard presentations.

FRIDAY - Single Period
  • Do Now
  •    Find Page 19 in Your Workbook!
  •    Add the following item to your Independent Menu!
  •             Storyboard My DIRT Day Novel

  • Learning Target: Work independently from your Independent Menu on page 19 of your workbook.

  • Word Study:
  •     New Entry Titled: Vocabulary List IV
  •     Leave two pages for list!
  •     Add the following words:
  •          - abrupt (abruptly): sudden and unexpected
  •          - credible (incredible, incredibly): able to be believed, convincing

  • Read Aloud/Think Aloud: Chapters 16 and 17 Focus on Inferencing.