Past Lessons

Monday, November 4, 2013

Period 7 - Week 10

MONDAY - Single Period
  • Do Now
  •      - Get handout on materials desk by door!  
  •     - Start a new entry titled: Michael and Joe
  •     - Describe Michael and Joe's friendship using at least one text-based detail to support your answer.

  • Learning Target: Can you explain the symbolism of The Ghost Tree and describe Michael and Joe's friendship using evidence from the novel?

  • Word Study  
  •   Add these words to Vocab. List IV!

  • Read Aloud (Chapters 18 & 19 on pages 175-193)
  •    Focus: Determining Important Ideas (page 176) "Joe's drinking had gotten worse...
  •    Compare how Joe has been characterized through out the book with this passage.

  • Class Conversation 
  •    1.  Symbolism of the Ghost Tree
  •    2.  Michael and Joe's Friendship Assignment

    TUESDAY - Double Period 
    • Independent Reading

    • Update Plot Chart

    WEDNESDAY - Single Period
    • Do Now: Word Study  
    •   Add these to Vocab. List IV!
    •     7. remorse (remorseful, remorseless): a feeling of deep regret or guilt about something you did wrong.
    •     8. preoccupy (preoccupied, preoccupation, unoccupied, reoccupied): when you are focused on a single thought or activity
    •     9.  furtive (furtively): attempting to avoid attention because of guilt or a belief that discovery would lead to trouble.
    •     10.  persistent ( persistence persistently): continuing in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

    • Learning Target: Can you explain what character traits are and how predictions help you understand and remember what you read?

    • Read Aloud
    •    Chapter: 18 & 19 on pages 175-193 & 20 - p.194-201
    •    Focus: Making Inferences
    •    1.  What opinions does Jenna have about Michael and Joe?
    •    2.  What is the effect of reading about the same event from two different points of view?
    •    3.  What do you think will happen in Swallowing Stones?
    •    4. How might making predictions help you understand or remember what you read?

    • Homework: On a sheet of paper with a complete heading, answer the following question to hand in tomorrow for homework:  How do you think the novel, Swallowing Stones by Joyce McDonald might end?

    THURSDAY - Double Period
    • Begin Independent Reading Before the Bell Rings!
    •      1. Start New Entry:  See new entry poster for format!!
    •      2. BEFORE You Start Reading:  Make a prediction (a type of inference) about what you think is going to happen in the next section of your novel.
    •      3.  Begin reading.  When done...
    •      2. Answer Reader Response:  
    •           - Look at your prediction.  Explain why your prediction was right or wrong and explain why.
    • Independent Reading 

    • Read Aloud: Chapters 21 and 22 (p.205-220)
    •     Focus: Determining Important Ideas

    • Class Conversation: Determining Importance
    •       -  Imagine you are the police investigating Charlie Ward's death. What information do you think is important?
    •      -  How did you decide that these things are important?

    • Types of Character Game

    FRIDAY - Single Period
    • Do Now
    •   - Start a new entry titled: Three in One
    •   -  Use three vocabulary words in one sentence that highlights the meaning of each word. Underline them!
    •     Sample Sentence: My dilemma was apparently obvious to the class based on the awkward look on my face trying to decide whether I should give the student a pass to the nurse or the library.

    • Finish reading in Swallowing Stones.

    • Word Study
    •   This is a classwork acitivy worth 100 points. 
    •      1.   Make New Flash Cards for all vocab Words
    •      2.   Complete Workbook Pages 139-140.

    • Raffle!