Past Lessons

Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 15 - Period 7

MONDAY - Single Period 
  • Hand in your Swallowing Stones essay for partial credit.

  • Take "The Gift of the Magi" final test.

  • Finish any of the following: Take Home Quiz, Vocabulary Flash Cards, or Words to Know Worksheet. Hand these is as you finish them!

TUESDAY - Double Period 
  • Do Now - Start New DIRT Entry

  • Independently read your novel for 10 minutes.

  • Answer Reader Response - 5 minutes
  •      Make one of the following connections:
  •      - Text to Text:  Relate your novel to another book you've read.
  •      - Text to Self:  Relate your novel to an experience you or someone you know may have had.
  •      - Text to World:  Relate your novel to and event happening in anywhere on Earth.

  • Do Now - Copy

  • Entry Title: The Literary Letter

  •          A Literary Letter tells someone about what you are reading.  You can send them to teachers, other students or family members.

  •     - This is both a letter and a written assignment for class.
  •     - Has a heading like a regular essay; but it also has a date, greeting and closing like a letter.
  •     - The body of the letter has three sections.

  • Independent Menu / Make-up Work for...
  •     - Gift of the Magi Quiz
  •     - Gift of the Magi Vocabulary Worksheet
  •     - Gift of the Magi Test

  • Learning Target: To introduce you to the Literary Letters as a way to share what you have read.

  • Mini-lesson: Model of a Literary Letter

  • Group Work: Chart the parts of a Literary Letter as a class.

  • Ticket Out the Door:  List one thing you will write about in the body of the letter on a half sheet of paper.

  • Do Now - Start New DIRT Entry

  • Learning Target: Write a rough draft of your literary letter.
  •     - Independent Work Only
  •     - Quiet music allowed while you work.
  •     - No texting allowed!
  •     - You may work with a partner to share or generate ideas for your letter, but everyone must write their own letters!

  • Assessment:  Your rough draft is due at the end of this period.  This will be a classwork grade worth 100 points!

  • Class Chat: Planning a Holiday Party

  • Things you must hand in today!
  •     - Gift of the Magi Quiz
  •     - Gift of the Magi Vocabulary Worksheet
  •     - Gift of the Magi Test
  •      -  Irony Take Home Quiz!

  • Should be done but NOT handed in...
  •    - Vocabulary Flash Cards

THURSDAY - Double Period 
  • Do Now - Copy

  • Entry Title:  Book Review

  •      A book review is like a movie review.  The critic/writer, tells his/her opinion about a book they have read in order to help other people decide if the book is worth reading.

  • Hand in rough draft of Literary Letter.

  • Read Aloud / Think Aloud: Book Review on Swallowing Stones

  • Class Conversation
  •     - What are some important ideas in the review?
  •     -  In what says did the author have to synthesize (put different information together to create a new idea) McDonald's novel to compose the review.

  • Whole Class Instruction:  Creating a Literary Letter Rubric
  •     - A rubric is a guide used for evaluation.
  •    - We need to come up with a rubric for the Literary Letter

  • Assessment: Compare your Literary Letter to the rubric and identify areas you feel need revision.

  • Finalize Holiday Party Plans

FRIDAY - Single Period 
  • Finish all assignments.

  • Holiday Party!