Past Lessons

Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 16 - Period 9

MONDAY - Single Period 
  • Do Now - Copy

  • Entry Title: Learning Target

  •       Learning Target - How can you use a class-created rubric to evaluate your Literary Letter?

  • "Hire" Time Keepers

  • Mini-lesson - Demonstration of how to use a rubric to evaluate a piece of writing.

  • Guided Practice - Using the class rubric, evaluate the Literary Letter of another person in the class.  Your grade today will depend on staying on task and the accuracy of your evaluation.

  • Assessment - Once you receive your Literary Letter  back from a peer, re-evaluate your Literary Letter to check the accuracy of your peer's evaluation.  Show your completed rubric and letter to a teacher for a spot-check. Return Literary Letter and Rubric to your class folder.

  • 3-Week Grades and Missing Work Reports

  • Homework: Study Vocabulary List V for quiz on Friday!

TUESDAY - Double Period - Class Cancelled Due to Weather 

WEDNESDAY - Single Period 
  • Learning Target - How to write excellent vocabulary word sentences.

  • Timekeepers: Remember to end class on time.

  • New Entry

  • Entry Title - Writing Awesome Vocabulary Sentences
  •        1.  Study word meaning and family.
  •        2.  Read word in context.
  •        3.  Write a draft sentence.
  •        4.  Read it "out loud" to yourself.
  •        5.  Revise your sentence.

  • Mini-lesson - Notes and demonstration on writing awesome vocabulary word sentence.

  • Guided Practice - Sentence Cards
  •       1.  On your own or with a partner, use two vocabulary words from List V in one sentence that shows you understand the meaning of the word.

  •       2.  Write the sentence on an index card for a classwork grade.  Legibility, grammar and punctuation all count!

  • Assessment - Share Out - Everyone will present their sentence on the Elmo for a classwork grade worth 100 points.

  • Homework: Study Vocabulary List V for quiz on Friday!

THURSDAY - Double Period 
  • Do Now 1 - Get out your Literary Letter

  • Do Now 2 - New Entry Titled: Learning Target

  • Learning Target - How to make revisions that improve your grades!

  • Mini-lesson - Demonstration of revision process.

  • Guided Practice - Using the feedback on your rubric from your peer reviewer, re-write your Literary Letter making sure to revise and fix any areas in which you received a 3 or lower!

  • Assessment - Hand in your Literary Letter final draft with the rubric stapled to it for a classwork grade worth 100 points.

  • Done? Select an activity from your independent menu. Recommendation? Study vocabulary words using flashcards.

  • Second Period

  • Do Now 3 - THINK

  • Entry Title - Unscramble This!
  •      Directions:  Unscramble the following Vocabulary List V words in your composition book.
  •         1.  tevodec
  •         2.  bidsuse
  •         3.  nossatire

  • Learning Target - Reviewing for tomorrow's vocabulary test.

  • Mini-lesson - how to play around the room and back.

  • Guided Practice - Teams will play Around the Room and Back for raffle tickets for next raffle on Valentine's Day!

  • Assessment - Game play results.

  • Homework: Study Vocabulary List V for quiz tomorrow!

    FRIDAY - Single Period 
    • Take Vocabulary Test

    Teach types of questions

    How to write questions