Past Lessons

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 20 Period 9

  MONDAY - Single  

  • Go to Library to pick up Breaking Night.
  • Do Now - THINK
  •        Entry Title:  Creating Criteria
  •        Make a list of at least three criteria you would consider if you were a teacher grading the storyboard presentations.
  •        Share your list with a friend and add or delete from your list any criteria you think should be there.

  • Go to Library to get your copy of Breaking Night by Liz Mury.

  • Learning Target: You will create the criteria we will use to grade your independent reading presentations.

  • Mini-Lesson:  Demonstration of presentations by Mr. DeGrandis.

  • Practice:  After each mock presentation, rethink your list of criteria with a friend.  Again, add or delete criteria as necessary.

  • Share Out:  As a class we will create a final list of criteria we will use to grade your presentations.

  • Assessment:  Consider the process used today to determine the criteria that will be used to grade your presentations (generating a list of criteria, viewing of mock presentations, creating a final list of criteria).  What are some ways you think this process is better or worse than having a teacher create the criteria for you. Write your response on a half sheet of loose leaf paper.  Use TREES to structure your response for a participation grade worth 100 points.

  TUESDAY (double) & WEDNESDAY (single)  

  • Do Now - Get the product ready for your presentation.

  • Learning Target - Can you present the major plot points of your independent reading novel through a product your created?

  • Mini-lesson - Presentation Expectations
  •        -  Presenters
  •        -  Audience Members

  • Assessment - Present the important plot points of your independent reading novel through a product you created.

  • Grading - The rubric created in class.

  THURSDAY - Double  
  • Do Now - Copy
  •       Entry Title - To Do Checklist for Presentations

  • Learning Target - Can you communicate the major plot points of your independent reading novel through a product your created?

  •      - Product completed                                    ______
  •      - Product signed off by teacher                   ______
  •      - Rehearse presentation                               ______
  •      - Present                                                      ______

  • Mini-lesson - How can you make the best use of your time to earn the best grade?

  • Work Time - Using the Checklist for Presentations, complete each step.  Remember that you are being graded on the effort you put out today.

  • REMINDER: You are starting off with an effort grade 100.  Each time you are off task (not working on your project) you will receive a ten point deduction in your grade.


  • Do Now - Copy
  •        Entry Title:  Vocabulary List 6

  • (Create a new vocabulary list and leave at least two pages for the rest of the words.) All vocabulary words should be in one list and not on separate pages.)

  •       1.  Breaking Night - urban slang for staying up through the night until the sun rises.
  •       2.  Accommodations - (accommodate, accommodating, accommodated) a) a room or building in which someone may live or stay.  b) a convenient agreement

  • Learning Target - Practice Using Guiding Questions to Closely Compare and "Read" a Text. 

  • New Entry Titled:  Close Reading of Visual Texts

  • Create a T-Chart below and then using your powers of investigation write down as many details about Woman 1 and Woman 2 as you can based on the photos.  Use the GQH to help you analyze the texts for more information.

What are some pieces of information presented by these texts?
  • What are some details that stand out to me as I first examine this text?
    Who might be the intended audience for these texts?
    Where might these texts have been created?
  • Are there any details you notice that the texts have in common?

  • Summarizing Question - How might these texts be related?

  • Read Aloud / Think Aloud - Page 1 of Breaking Night.
  •        -  Guiding question: What is the main issue with witch Liz is dealing? 

  • View VideoFrom Happy to Homeless: Teens in Trouble

  • Classroom Conversation
  •       - What are some of your perceptions about homeless teens?
  •        - What are some of your initial perceptions of Liz?  Her mother?
  •        - What are some connections you might have about homelessness?
  • Assessment:  Based on the title of the book, reading the prologue and viewing the video, what do you think this book will be about?

  • HW:  Be prepared with your independent reading novel for next class.

  FRIDAY - Single PERIOD  
  • Do Now...

  • Independently read your novel for 10 minutes.

  • Answer Reader Response - 5 minutes
  •      Select one of the following reading strategies and respond...
  •       - Make a connection (text to text, text to self, text to world)
  •       - Visualize a part of your novel and describe using imagery.
  •       - Ask a question to clarify your understanding of a part of your novel.
  •       - Determine/Explain why a part of your novel is important.
  •       - Make an Inference (logical conclusion) or a Prediction about your novel.
  •      -  Synthesize (put it together)several ideas to create an original idea about your novel.

  • Be prepared to share you reader response for a ticket for the next raffle and a participation grade.

  • Word Study
  •       3.  rigor (rigorous, rigorously) - the quality of being extremely thorough and accurate.
  •       4.  lucrative (lucratively) - producing a great deal of money.

  • Read Aloud (pp. 5-11)
  •       - What are some reasons Breaking Night became a NYT Best-seller?
  •       - What did you think of the prologue we read yesterday?

  • Classroom Conversation 
  •       - What are some reasons the author might begin her memoir with background information on her grandparents and parents?
  •       -  With a partner, recreate the diagram below and add the main events in each person's life until they were married.
  •       -  What were some of the events that led up to Ma and Daddy being arrested?