Past Lessons

Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 23 - Period 7

  MONDAY - SINGLE Period  
  • Do Now - Copy the highlighted text
  • Entry Title:  Punctuating Dialogue 

  •       1.  Dialogue - words said by a character in a story to another character.  
  •           Example:   "I'll ruin you with my bars," said Sandra.

  •       2. Speech Tag - part of a quote that identifies the speaker and imparts their personality. 
  •           Example:    As he limped out of the room, Latiff said, "You don't even know how to spit bars!" 

  • Learning Target:  I can correctly punctuate dialogue for my personal narrative.  

  • Mini-Lesson: Punctuating Dialogue Video
  •     If you need to access the video at home use the following...
  •        User ID:     sotabp
  •        Password:  student

  • The Dialogue Stick Challenge
  •     Objective:  Be the team that wins the most rounds of the challenge.
  •     Winners receive one Get Out of Homework Pass each!

  •    1.  What are dialogue sticks and how do they work?

  •    2.  Setting up to play The Dialogue Stick Challenge.
  •         -  You will be assigned to the Blue, Red, Yellow or Green Team.
  •         -  Each team will receive pieces of dialogue and one set of Punctuation Sticks.
  •         - Your team should read each piece of dialogue.  Do not mix and match dialogue.

  •    3.  Game Play
  •         - Two teams are selected at random to face off.
  •         - One team chooses the piece of dialogue that the other team will punctuate.
  •     4. Winning a Point
  •          - Your team must punctuate the dialogue correctly.
  •          - If your team fails, the other team may attempt to steal.
  •          - The team with the most points when time is called wins.

  • Prizes will be handed out at the end of the period.

  • Ticket-Out-the-Door: What did you learn today?

  • Take Home Quiz
  • Directions:  On a half sheet of paper with a complete heading, select 5 Quotes below and punctuate them correctly for a take home quiz grade worth 50 points.

  • 1.John said, That's my coat.
    2.Jack said, I have a coat like yours.
    3.Is the pizza here? asked Hillary.
    4.I love extra cheese, said Jamie.
    5.Grandmother asked, Did you plant beans, peppers, and melons in your garden?
    6.No, I only planted beans and melons, answered Ashley.
    7.William exclaimed, I can't believe we're finally here!
    8.This beach, said Dad, is more beautiful than ever.
    9.The lost scouts screamed, How will we ever get out of here?
    10.Help! shouted the scoutmaster. We can't find our way out of this cave!

  TUESDAY - Double Period  
  • Period 7 - Viewing of Homeless to Harvard.

  • Period 8 - Writing Workshop in Library PC Lab

  WEDNESDAY - Single Period 

  THURSDAY - Double Period   
  • Do Now
  •     1.  Grab a copy of the Independent Reading Rubric from the front desks. 
  •     2.  Read independently for ten minutes.     
  •     3.  New Entry Titled: Independent Reading Rubric
  •     4.  Using the proper format, answer the following Reader Response in your composition  notebook:
  •                  How might the Independent Reading Rubric help me be a smarter reader?
  • Brain check:  Did you submit the rough draft of your Personal Narrative?

  • Learning Target:  I can identify sensory details in a text and in my own writing.

  • Mini-lesson:  Using the Identifying Sensory Details graphic organizer.

  • Guided Practice:  View the text, Homeless to Harvard,  and identifying sensory details for a grade.

  • Assessment:  On the back of your graphic organizer answer the following question.

  •       What are some ways today's lesson might be connected with the rough draft of your personal narrative?

  FRIDAY - Single Period  
  • Complete viewing of Homeless to Harvard.