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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 34 - Period 9

  TUESDAY - Double - ELA 
  PERIOD 9  
  • Writing Workshop / Make Up / Vocab Study Time

    • Your participation grade today will be based on handing in the following assignments...

    • Complete these assignments in this order!
      • 1.  Already started:  Quick Write on the central idea of "St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves".  The question;  Write a TREES paragraph that explains the central idea of the story.  You must cite at least four pivotal moments in the text that show how the conflict develops throughout the story.

      • 2.  New Essay:  In a TREES essay using textual evidence from the story, explain why the girls' parents accepted the nuns offer.  Use the words ostracized and purgatory in your response. 

      • 3.  Vocabulary Sentences, Study Guide, Flash Cards

  WEDNESDAY - Single - ELA 
  PERIOD 9  

  • Vocabulary Test List 9

  THURSDAY - Double - ELA 
  PERIOD 9  

  • Do Now
    • Entry Title: Annotation
    • Marking a text with notes or symbols.

  • Mini-Lesson: Marking Text
    • 1. What are some ways we have marked text this year?
    • 2.  What are some of the purposes we have done so?

  • Annotation Symbols
    • Box    =   unfamiliar words
    • *    =   important or repeating ideas
    • ?   =  confusion or question about the text
    • !  =  ideas that are important or surprise you in some way

  • Model annotation with Epigraph 1 and Paragraph 1 of the story. "St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves"

  • Practice It:  Star one important or repeating idea. Share out.

  • Pair and Share:  With a partner, annotate the section of the text from "Ay caramba..." to "Neither did they."  be sure to include notes as to your thinking in order to refer to it later.

  • Share out:
    • 1.  What are some of the marks or codes you put down and why?
    • 2.  What thinking did you write on the text next to the marks.

  • Quick Write
    • 1.  Use today's annotations as a tool to answer the following text-dependent question.
    • 2.  Don't forget to follow TREES and explain your evidence!
      • Based on your close reading today, what details repeat throughout this section of the text?  What do these details tell you about how the girls and their families interact with other characters in this section? Use 3 pieces of textual evidence.
    • 3.  Hand in a the end of the double period on loose-leaf paper with a  heading.

    • Sample Starter Response
      • One detail that keeps repeating is that of ostracism or being excluded or not accepted.  The author mentions this twice in today's reading.  For example...

  FRIDAY - Single - ELA 
  PERIOD 9  

  • Prepare for mock trial 

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