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Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 35 - Period 7

  MONDAY - Single  - Ramp-up  
  PERIOD 7  

Rehearse for Mock Trial on Friday!

  TUESDAY - Double - ELA  
  PERIOD 7  

  • Do Now: Copy
    • Entry Title:  Learning Targets
      • RL.9-10.3 Analyze how complex characters develop over the course of a story, interact with other characters and reveal the theme.
      • RL.9-10.1  Cite strong textual evidence to support claims about inferences drawn form the story.

  • Reading Groups
    • Get into the following groups.
        • Sandra & Amanda
        • Nelsa & Mileena
        • Stephanie & Ian
        • Oto & Kyle
        • Danny & Manny
        • Dwight & Dahmeaz
        • Robert & Tyrese
        • Ja’Kees & Shakim

  • Begin Close Reading on Page 241 of the paragraph that starts "Still, some things remained the same..." Read only this paragraph.

  • Annotate the text as you read (symbols are in Comp Book)

  • Class Discussion Questions
    • What "things remained the same" for the pack?
    • What might be some synonyms for the word commandment?
    • What is Mirabella holding on to?

  • Close Read and Annotate
    • Start with the paragraph that reads, "Then she would sing out the standard chorus..." on 241 up to "I was one of the good girls..."

  • Class Discussion
    • What are Jeannette's origins?
    • How has Jeannette removed herself from her "origins?"

  • Close Read and Annotate
    • Read just the paragraph that starts out, "I was one of the good girls..." on page 242.

  • Class Discussion
    • What is different about this paragraph?
    • How does this change in wording impact our reading of the text?
    • What are the narrator's aptitudes?
    • Why stay in the middle of the pack?
    • Why stay in the middle of the pack?

  • Close Read and Annotate
    • Read two paragraphs on page 242, "The pack hated Jeannette but we hated Mirabella more." to "We spent a lot of time daydreaming during this period." 

  • Class Discussion
    • How does the pack feel about failing?
    • Give textual evidence.

  • Finish Close Reading and Annotating up to just before the Stage 3 Epigraph.

  • Discuss the Text Dependent Questions Below with your Group
    • In what ways are the girls being rehabilitated?
    • What might rehabilitated mean in this context?
    • What might shunned mean?
    • How could the pack be shunned by both species?
    • Who is Claudette and what kind of student is she?

  • Quick Write (New Entry in Composition Book) 50 Points

    • Option 1:  Considering the complex characters and their development thus far in the text, why don't the other girls want to be like Jeannette or Mirabella? Cite three pieces of strong textual evidence in your analysis.

    • Option 2:  What do the details in Stage 2 reveal about the the requirements of survival at St. Lucy's?  Cite three pieces of strong textual evidence in your analysis.

  WEDNESDAY - Single  - ELA & RAMP-up  
  PERIODS 7 & 9  


  • Sharpen a pencil. If you need one ask Mr. DeGrandis.
  • Fill in your bubble sheet with the appropriate information.


  1. When reading passages...
    1. Read the MCQs before you begin to read.
    2. Annotate the text as you read and use all the reading strategies you know to answer the MCQs that follow each passage.
  2. When writing responses...
    1. Carefully think about the question and what it is asking you to write about.
    2. Use TREES to structure your response and to be sure it is FULLY developed.
  3. During the test...
    1. Do not ask to leave the room for any reason.
    2. Anyone who disturbs the quiet of the room intentionally or not will be asked to leave and receive a zero for their exam. This could mean having to retake the course.
    3. If you have a questions during the test, quietly come to my desk and ask your question.

  THURSDAY - Double - ELA  
  PERIOD 7  

Finish Post-Assessment for ELA

  FRIDAY - Single  - Ramp-up  
  PERIOD 7  

Finish Post-Assessment for ELA

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