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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Marking Period 1 - Week 1


    • Grab a random numbered tag from Mr. DeGrandis as you enter the room and find the matching number among the desks in the classroom.
    • These seats may or may not be your seat for the marking period.

  • YOUR UPDATED SCHEDULE (period 1 only)
    • Throw away your old one! It is not correct.
    • Use the updated one I will give you!

  • COURSE CRITERIA English 8 Honors / English 8 (click to download)
    • This document outlines the classroom rules and expectations we will follow for the year.
    • Be sure to read yourself and have it signed by a parent or guardian tonight for homework.

    • This form must be filled out in order for you to be allowed to attend any field trips throughout the 2014-15 school year.

    • Let's take a little walk around the classroom.  You never know what we'll find! 

  • HOMEWORK - Both are due tomorrow!
    • 1.  Have a parent or guardian sign the Course Criteria Sheet.
    • 2.  Fill out the Field Trip Medical Form
    • 3.  Fill out the WHO AM I sheet!
    • 4.  Be sure to have all your materials/supplies for Friday!

  • Do Now
    • On a sheet of paper with a complete heading (see format below), answer the following question using the TREES format for a single a paragraph.  Don't know what TREES is? No worries, just write a fully developed paragraph.

    •     What might be some challenges you are most interested in overcoming this school year?   

  • A Complete Heading Includes....

  •               NAME                           DATE
  •              PERIOD                        DEGRANDIS
  • Homework Check
    • Who am I? and Signed Acknowledgement Form
    • Summer Reading Literary Letter

  • Share your challenges.

  • The Big Reveal:  Introduce yourself by saying your name and revealing what one (visible) article of clothing reveals about yourself. (For example, I’m Robin and these sneakers reveal how boring I am because I wear them every single day, or I’m Max and this shirt reveals how organized I am because I knew I would be wearing it four days ago.)

  • HOMEWORK - due tomorrow!
    • Bring all materials including your composition book to class tomorrow!  You will receive a homework grade for having all your materials.  Don't know what they are?  Read the Course Criteria Sheet!
    • Have your Field Trip Medical form signed and return it tomorrow.

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