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Sunday, December 14, 2014

MP2 - Week 5

    MONDAY - WEDNESDAY  12:15-17:14   Word Processing QW#2 and QW#3 (Collaborative Essay)    

Reminders:  You will need...
QW#2 and QW#3.

    Do Now - NONE

    Learning Targets

    1. I can analyze how I develop ideas in my own writing.
    2. I can use technology to publish my writing.
    3. I can write a complete essay within a short time-frame.

    Mini-Lesson:  How to Properly Format Your Essay for Publishing

    Submission of QW#2 and QR#3 (Collaborative Essay)


        THURSDAY 12:18:14   Reflecting on Your Writing    

    Reminders:  You will need...
    1. ...your Composition Book & blue folder.
    2. You copy of your collaborative essay.

    Do Now - Copy
    Entry Title:  Vocabulary List IV

    • 3.  cringe, v. (cringes, cringed, cringing) - 1) to feel disgust or embarrassment and often to show this feeling by a movement of your face or body; 2) to make a sudden movement from fear of being hit or hurt

      Many English teachers cringe when they hear their students use the non-word "mines."

    • 4.  alienate, v. (alienated, alienates, alienating) - to cause (someone) to feel that she or he no longer belongs in a particular group, society, etc.

      He alienated most of his friends with his bad temper and soon no one texted him anymore.


        Learning Targets

        1. I can support a claim with clear evidence and explanations.
        2. I can write a paragraph that has a logical flow of ideas.
        3. I can write quickly and legibly with a limited amount of time.

        New Entry:  Reflecting on Collaborative Writing
        Answer the following prompt in your composition book.  Write a fully developed paragraph! (Hint:  That means use TREES!)

        Decide whether you think collaborative essay writing is more of a negative or more of a positive and explain why. Do not pick both!

        Be prepared to share what you wrote with a partner and the class.  This is a timed response. You will only have 15 minutes to complete this essay.

        When you finish...

        1. Switch composition books with a partner.
        2. Read their response to this prompt.
        3. Tell your partner why you agree or disagree with them.
        4. Be prepared to share your essay with the class for a participation grade worth 20 points!


               I think the collaborative essay writing assignment was a positive experience for several reasons.  This is because it helped improve my ability to analyze how informational texts relate to fictional texts and improved my wrriting skills.  For example, working with a small group helped me come up with more ideas than if I had worked alone.  My group came up with a connection between the texts I hadn't noticed.  I didn't notice the connection between Ha's brother's story about the pilot that bombed the presidential palace and Ho Chi Minh's invasion of Vietnam.  Another reason the collaborative essay writing activity was a positive is that it helped me improve my own writing skills.  At one point, I offered an example of a connection between the texts that wasn't very good.  One of the members of my group asked me to explain how my example connected to the topic sentence.  I couldn't explain it because it really didn't support the topic sentence of our essay.  I learned that I must be more careful selecting examples that I can fully explain.  Overall, the collaborative essay writing assignment was a great way to help me improve my writing skills and analyze how informational texts can connect with fictional texts.

        Composition book check of reflection essay.


            FRIDAY  12:19:14       

        • 1.  Get your DIRT Day book, composition book and folder!
        • 3.  Start entry & begin reading before bell rings.
          • Do Now - Start a DIRT Day Entry
          • Entry Title:  DIRT DAY

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