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Monday, March 2, 2015

MP3 - Week 4

    MONDAY  & TUESDAY  3-2 & 3-15:   Introducing To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee  

Reminders:  You will need...
  1. Your novel, blue folder and composition book as well as the handouts from the back of the room.
  2. Due Today!  Inside Out & Back Again Poem? for those who did not hand it in on time or had to make major edits.
Do Now - COPY
Entry Title:  Vocabulary List VI

1.  stealth  adj. (stealthy, stealthily) sneaky

The cat stealthily crouched in the grass eyeing its intended victim and waiting for just the right moment to pounce.

2.  malevolent  adj. (malevolently) wicked or evil

The malevolent spirit howled profanities through the night from the depths of the old basement.


    3.  assuage v. (assuaged, assuages, assuaging) to make something uncomfortable feel better

    It took about three years for my feelings of grief to assuage after the death of my father.

    4.  dictum n. (dictation)  a short statement that expresses a general truth or principle.

    There is an old dictum which states, "Might makes right," but I disagree.

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      Learning Targets
      1. I can use the strongest evidence from To Kill a Mockingbird in my understanding of the first part of Chapter 1. (RL.8.1)
      2. I can participate in discussions about the text with a partner, small group, and the whole class. (SL.8.1)
      3. I can analyze the impact of allusions to world events in To Kill a Mockingbird. (RL.8.4)


        New Strategy: Discussion Appointments: A New Way to Meet with Peers for Class Discussions
        Being able to talk to a lot of classmates will give you more ideas for discussing and writing about the text during this lesson. Reinforcing that discussion is one strong way to deepen your understanding of a text.

        How it Works! (You will need your Discussion Appointment Sheet)
        1. You will sign up for four appointments with four different partners.
        2. For each location on the map, you may have only one appointment.
        3. If someone asks you for an appointment and that location is available, you need to accept the appointment.
        4. In the blank next to each location, write the name of your appointment partner.
        5. Once you have made all four appointments, return to your seat.
        6. You will have three minutes to complete this activity.


        1. Get out your Story Impressions Note-Catcher
        2. Read the phrases on the sheet to yourself.
        3. Think about what this novel might be about.
        4. What do these phrases make you wonder?
        5. Meet with your NYC Discussion Partner and share your wonders with them.

        Read Aloud
        1. We will be stopping for several Turn and Talks throughout this Read Aloud.

        2. Questions:
        • Have you ever heard the phrase, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself?"

        • This quote is from FDR's inaugural speech in 1933.  Based on this allusion what can you infer about the setting of the novel.

        • 1933:  The Great Depression. Economic Turmoil, People out of work. Discouraged. This saying was meant to encourage and calm the people of the US. 

        Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself
        Excerpt from Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Inaugural Speech

        Work Time

        1. Each night you have assigned reading, you will read part of the novel and will complete a structured note sheet.
        2. Using your Structured Notes Chapter 1A, meet with your NYC Appointment and answer the first part of the sheet, "What is the gist?"
        3. Complete the second part with your partner.
        4. Modeling:  Identifying Vocabulary in Context:  How to complete the vocabulary section of the Note catcher.

        Homework for Tuesday and Wednesday - Finish Reading Chapter 1 and complete Structured Notes, Chapter 1 Part B

        1. TUESDAY:  Read the rest of chapter 1 and Complete the Structured Notes, Chapter 1, Part B   You will be practicing the skills you learned in this lesson including:  writing the gist of what you read, answering focus questions using the strongest evidence from the text, and defining vocabulary words in context.
        2. TUESDAY:  Study for the vocabulary test on Thursday.
        3. WEDNESDAY:  Study for vocabulary test

        Sample Responses for Structured Note Sheet 1A

        1. “This first part of Chapter 1 describes the setting of the novel. It is set in Maycomb County, a tired old place, in 1933. Chapter 1 also begins by introducing the narrator’s father, Atticus, who is an attorney and from a long line of Finches.”
        2. “Atticus tries to do what is best for his clients. For example, he tried to convince his first two clients to make a guilty plea and live, but they didn't take his advice and pled not guilty, which ended up getting them hanged (5). Atticus does not like criminal law (5). Finally, Atticus supported his brother when he went to medical school. This shows me that Atticus puts others’ needs ahead of his own (5–6).” 

        Sample Responses for Structured Note Sheet 1B

        1. Scout Finch is growing up in a hot, tired Alabama town, where there is nothing to buy and nothing to buy it with. She and her older brother, Jem, live with their father, Atticus, the local lawyer, and their cook, Calpurnia, close to downtown Maycomb. They’re all related by blood or marriage to everyone in town, so it’s a close-knit group to say the least.

          As our story begins, summer has just started. Scout is 6, and Jem is 10, and they have just discovered a boy hiding in their next-door neighbor’s turnip greens. He’s a scrawny kid whose name is Dill, and the three become instant friends as soon as it’s revealed that Dill has already seen “Dracula,” which gives him instant credibility.

          As summer progresses and favorite games become old hat, Scout, Jem, and Dill become obsessed with making Boo Radley come out. Boo Radley lives up the street from Scout and Jem, and legend has it that he never comes out of his house. Any small crimes or mysterious happenings in town are said to be his work, and rarely will anyone pass the house alone at night. Their first raid consists of a dare between Dill and Jem. He must run to the Radley house, touch it, and run back. He finally does it, but only after three days of careful thought and much ribbing from Dill.

            WEDNESDAY  3-4-15:   Vocabulary Review Day   


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          Reminders:  Today you will need...
          1. Your composition notebook.
          2. A pen or pre-sharpened pencil.

          Do Now - Think and Write
          Entry Title:  Two in One

          Write TWO sentences using two vocabulary words in each sentence!  Be prepared to share for tickets!
          Sample Sentence

          Her erratic behavior over her cracked iPhone screen only made her condescending attitude ten times worse.

              Homework Check:  Vocabulary List IV Sentences

              Learning Targets

              I can prepare for a test that assesses my knowledge of 8th grade vocabulary words.

                Mini-Lesson:  Review of Stations

                Work Time:  Around the Room and Back Again

                The Winning Team


                1. Study for the vocabulary test tomorrow using your flash cards!
                2. 10 Sentences due tomorrow before the test.

                    THURSDAY 3-5-2015:  Vocabulary Test on List V     

                  FRIDAY 3-6-15:  DIRT DAY   

                • Do Now - Start a DIRT Day Entry
                • Entry Title:  DIRT DAY