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Friday, September 14, 2012

Active Reading Model Worksheet

Active Reading Worksheet
Title of what you are readingUnderline the titles of books, plays, and movies.
Put quotes around short stories, songs, poems.
Be sure to capitalize all major words in title.

Author of what you are readingBe sure to capitalize the authors name.

This reading is fiction or non-fiction.Fiction – not true                      Non-fiction - true

Genre of what I am reading
Short story, essay, poem, excerpt etc…

Types of Thoughts

1.     Prediction – guessing what might happen next.
2.     Visualization – seeing a picture or movie in your mind.
3.     Connection – seeing a link between your own life and what you are reading.
4.     Question – asking yourself questions about what you are reading.
5.     Clarification – when you realize something about what you are reading.
6.     Evaluation – forming an opinion about what you are reading.

While you are reading, write at least 10 thoughts that go through your mind.  Write the thoughts first and then label the type of thought when you are done.  Use complete sentences.  Spelling, capitalization and neatness all count!

Thought 1 ______________ (type of thought)

Thought 2 ______________ (type of thought)

Thought 3 ______________ (type of thought)

Thought 4 ______________ (type of thought)

Thought 5 ______________ (type of thought)

Thought 6 ______________ (type of thought)

Thought 7 ______________ (type of thought)

Thought 8 ______________ (type of thought)

Thought 9 ______________ (type of thought)

Thought 10 ______________ (type of thought)

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