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Friday, September 14, 2012

Active Reading Model Notes

What is ARM?
It is a strategy for improving your reading comprehension skills (understanding what you read).

How does it work?
It forces you to think about what you are reading which helps you remember more information and make more connections with a text.

How do you do it?
Simply write down any thoughts that cross your mind as you are reading.  Later, you decide what kind of thought it is.

The kinds of thoughts…
1.  Visualizations – a thought that you can see, like a movie in your mind’s eye.
2.  Predictions – a thought that takes a guess as to what might happen next when you are reading.
3.  Questions – thoughts for which you need answers while reading.
4.  Connections – thoughts that connect what you are reading with something in your life.
5.  Evaluation – thoughts that give an opinion about something you are reading.
6.  Clarification – thoughts that clear something up in your mind that was confusing before.

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