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Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday's Class - Unit Test on "Gift of the Magi"

Do Now
Get ready for the test.
  1. You may use your composition notebook.
  2. You may use any plot structure diagrams or worksheets we have done in class.
  3. Use a sharpened pencil or a pen with dark blue or black ink.
  4. Use loose leaf paper only! Use a complete heading!
  5. Your test must be completed by the end of the period.
  6. When done, keep your test on your desk until it is collected at the end of the period.
  7. You may not listen to music at any time during this period.

James Smith                                     November 9, 2012
Period 7                                           DeGrandis


                              ESSAY 1 on Front

                              ESSAY 2 on Back

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