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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday's Class - Review for Test

DO NOW - Copy
Entry Title:  What's on Tomorrow's Test?
  1. Know the vocabulary words.
  2. Determining the theme of a story.
  3. Know types of conflict and conflict of the story.
  4. Be able to explain how O. Henry uses literary symbolism through imagery.
  5. Identify a character trait of Della or Jim and provide examples from the story.
  6. Identify the turning point of the story and explain why it is ironic.
  1. Bellwork - Test Format
  2. Homework Check: PSD for "Gift of the Magi".
  3. Think-Write-Pair-Share: Period 8 Only?
  4. EQ - Are you ready for tomorrow's test on "Gift of the Magi?"
  5. Learning Objectives - Review the main concepts that you will need to know in order to prepare for tomorrow's test.
  6. Mini-lesson - Explain the Around the Room and Back review game.
  7. Guided Practice - Working in groups of 4-5 students will play a review game .
  8. Assessment - Class discuss after the review game. This is a Participation Grade.
  9. Homework - Study vocabulary words for the test on Friday.
Around the Room and Back
  1. Start a new entry titled: "Around the Room: Magi"
  2. You will be assigned a number from 1-5.
  3. When directed, start at the Room Station that matches your assigned number.
  4. Your team will have three minutes to discuss the question at your station and agree on one answer!
  5. Copy this answer into your composition notebook.
  6. Your group will then rotate to the next station.
  7. When the activity is over, be prepared to share out!
  8. You will be graded using the rubric below.
  9. This is a Classwork Grade worth 75 points.

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