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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday's Class - Structured Project Work Time

Do Now - Think
Get out the following things:
  1. Short Story Packet
  2. Loose-leaf Paper & Pen or Pencil (sharpened)
  3. Timeline

  1. Do Now - Prepare to work on your project.
  2. EQ:  How much will you accomplish today?
  3. Mini-lesson:  How to fill out a daily objective sheet.
  4. Guided Practice:  Students will fill out an objective sheet before working on project.
  5. Assessment: Teacher will come around at the end of the period to check progress against your objective sheet.
  6. HW - Work on your project.
  1. Project Description
  2. Rubric for Found Poem
  3. Timeline for Project
  4. Found Poem Model
  5. Found Poem Analysis Model
  6. Daily Project Progress Report 

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