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Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday & Tuesday's Classes - Found Poem Presentations

Do Now - Find Your Found Poem and Essay!

  1. Do Now - Find your Found Poem.
  2. EQ:  How do you present a Found Poem orally?
  3. Note: If you need help with your sonnet, please schedule a time to meet with me!
  4. Missing Work Reports!
  5. Mini-lesson:  Demonstration of how to present your Found Poem and how to type your sonnet!
  6. Practice:  With a partner, read your poem out loud to each other.
  7. Assessment: Read your poem and essay to the class for five additional points added to your project!
  8. Homework:
    1)  Take Home Quiz - The Structure and Meaning of a Sonnet Quiz.
    2)  Work on your sonnet (You should have it all written by now and should be working on typing it up.)

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