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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday's Class - Tragic Love


Do Now - Copy!
Entry Title:  Literary Tragedy

Literary Tragedy - a dramatic work that has a serious or sad theme. It has a character that has many problems or weaknesses.  A tragedy usually ends with the deaths of the main characters.

  1. Do Now - Copy definition of Literary Tragedy.
  2. EQ:  What do you know about literary tragedies and the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare?
  3. Announcement: If you received a Missing Work Report yesterday, you should have had it signed. Please hand it in to Mr. DeGrandis before the end of the period!
  4. Make Up Quiz: Firday during DIRT Day - Identifying Irony
  5. Mini-lesson:  Tragic Love PowerPoint Presentation.
  6. Practice:  Close Reading of Tragic Love Note Sheet.
  7. Assessment: Classwork grade for completion of Tragic Love Note Sheet.
  8. Homework:
    1)  Shakespeare's Coined Phrases Worksheet.2)  Work on your sonnet (You should have it all written by now and should be working on typing it up. Due Friday at the beginning of the period!)

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