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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday's Class - Tragedy in Our Lives!


Do Now - THINK!
Entry Title:  Tragedy in Our Lives

Make a list of at least five tragedies.  They can be personal (like the death of a family member), local (the Webster shootings), or national (like the Twin Tower destruction).

My List
  1. The death of my father.
  2. A friend who wass diagnosed with jaw cancer.
  3. The Webster shooting of two firefighters.
  4. The massacre in Newtown, CT.
  5. Hurricane Sandy

  1. Do Now - Think
  2. EQ:  How does tragedy affect people's lives today?
  3. Finish Notes from Yesterday
  4. Do Assessment Questionaire
  5. Mini-lesson:  How to have an effective class discussion. 
  6. Practice:  Demonstration of sample responses during a class discussion.
  7. Homework:
    1)  Moive/Globe Theater Handout.
      2)  Work on your sonnet (You should have it all written by now and should be working on typing it up. Due tomorrow at the beginning of the period!)

      3)  Bring in your DIRT DAY BOOK tomorrow!  Earn bonus participation points if you bring your own book to read!

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