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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday's Class - Parenting Styles

Get Your Composition Notebook
and Romeo and Juliet!

Entry Title:  Parenting Styles
Strategies parents use when raising their children.

Casting for Today's Dramatic Reading
Act I, Scenes 2 & 3 Pages 27-33


  1. Do Now - Parenting Styles
  2. Announcements:  1)When You Are Absent... 2) Classroom Jobs! 3) Quiz on Act I on Friday!
  3. Today's Question: How might you compare and contrast parenting today with parenting in medieval times?
  4. Mini-Lesson: 1) Anecdote: Don't hit that child!  2) Read article on parenting styles.  3) Dramatic reading for a grade! 
  5. Try It:  Write down examples of things the Montagues say or do that illustrate their parenting style.
  6. HW:  1) Bring your vocabulary flashcards to class tomorrow. 2) TREES Essay: How might you describe the parenting style used in your home?

Example Paragraph

     The parenting style used in my home would be authoritarian. This is becuase my mother is very strict.  For example, two days ago my science teacher, Ms. Dooher, called my house to tell my mother that I was texting in class.  I was grounded for a week and my phone was shut down for a month.  She didn't even attempt to talk it out.  Although my mother uses an authoritative parenting style, I know deep down she loves me just the same.

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