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Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday's Class - Hopeless Romantics

and Romeo and Juliet!

Do Now - COPY!

Entry Title: Hopeless Romantic
A person who daydreams about romantic occasions and dreams of chances where he/she will be able to perform a romantic act to their love, yet never gets the chance to do so.

Cast List for Today:  Act I Scene I (Pages 17-25)

Lady Montague
Lord Montague
1.      Do Now - Hopeless Romantics
2.      Announcements:  1)When You Are Absent... 2) Classroom Jobs! 3) Quiz on Act I on Friday!
3.      EQ:  Can you give examples of how Shakespeare characterizes Romeo as a hopeless romantic?
4.      Mini-lesson: 1) Read definition of Hopeless Romantic from the Urban Dictionary [see below] 2) Dramatic Reading of Act I Scene I for a Grade!
5.      Assign parts for today.
6.      Guided Practice: Dramatic reading of the scene.
7.      Assessment: Answer the Essential Question as your ticket out the door!
8.      Homework:  None.

Definition of Hopeless Romantics from the Urban Dictionary 
Hopeless Romantics are NOT Hopeless per-say, but very true, caring, and loving people. They are "NOT MADE FOR TODAYS STANDARDS", sadly. They believe in passion, chivalry, and true love. They have loved sincerely at one point in their life, discovered what love feels like, and can't understand why it was not returned in the same form. Hopeless Romantics are usually dreamers, idealists, and sincere, however what they expect in any relationship is a full return for their effort and caring, to be loved as much as they loved. What makes them "Hopeless" is the fact that they are few and far between in today's daily life, and usually get let down in the long run, even though they gave all they had to give, money, love, time, housing, belongings. Hopeless Romantics give 100% ALL the time, and hope for the same in return.