Past Lessons

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday's Class - Queen Mab

Get Your Composition Notebook
and Romeo and Juliet!

With a partner and your vocabulary flashcards, quiz each other for 5 minutes on the vocabulary words for ACT I.  Those who have started this when the bell rings will receive two tickets for the Valentine's Day Raffle on February 16!

Casting for Today's Dramatic Reading
Act I, Scene 4 Pages 41-49


  1. Do Now - Study Act I Vocabulary Words
  2. Announcements:  Being on time to class means in your seat working quietly when the bells rings! 
  3. Today's Question: Can you identify imagery in Mercutio's Queen Mab speech?
  4. HW Check - Study Guide Questions 1-11 for Act I.
  5. Mini-Lesson: 1) Review of definition of imagery.  2) Dramatic reading for a grade! 
  6. Try It:  Listen with your eyes closed as your teacher reads the Queen Mab speech in this scene.  Each time you hear an example of imagery put up a finger until you reach five.
  7. Get It:  Half sheet with heading... answer the essential question today as your ticket out the door!
  8. HW: None.