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Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's Class - How to Write a Good Essay Question

Things You Need for Class Today
  1. Pen or Pencil
  2. Composition Book
  3. Homework - Pragmatic vs. Romantic Love
  4. How to Write a Good Essay Question article on back table!

Entry Title: How to Write an Essay Question
  1. Read the article to yourself.
  2. In your composition book, write down three things you learned about after reading this article.
    1. Bellwork: How to Write an Essay Question
    2. Reminder: Did you hand in your Data on Display Essay? Last chance!
    3. Quote: “Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”  ― Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice
    4. Homework Check: Worksheet from yesterday on Pragmatic vs. Romantic Love
    5. Today's Question:  Can you write a real essay question about Pragmatic Love vs. Romantic Love?
    6. Mini-Lesson:  Discussion about article.
    7. Guided Practice:  In groups, discuss and create one GOOD essay question and write it on the Smart Board. As a class we will revise them.
    8. Assessment: Ticket out the door… Show your group's essay qeustion to Mr. DeGrandis for a class work grade!
    9. Homework: None

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