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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday & Wednesday's Classes - Lost in Translation: Your Scene


Get the following ready to rehearse your scene: 
  1. Translation of your scene on your desk.
  2. Composition notebook.
  3. Your copy of the play.

  1. Do Now - Prepare for scene rehearsal.
  2. Reminder: Parent-Teacher Conferences are this Thursday at 6:30!
  3. HW Check - You have a copy of your scene translated into modern English.
  4. Today's Question: How do you prepare your scene for rehearsal? 
  5. Mini-lesson - Scene Preparation Process - see below.
  6. Guided Practice - Rehearse your scene!  Mr. DeGrandis will be coming to each group to help with blocking/staging your scene.
  7. Assessment - Your grade today will depend on how well you stay on task.  You start with a C and go up or down depending on your progress in class today! 
  8. HW - Memorize your lines. You will have to recite them tomorrow for a grade!

Scene Preparation Process
  • Copy Script:  Each person will need a copy of the translated script. This should be done first.
  • Do a Read-through: Everyone sits down and reads the script together with each person playing their part.
  • Block Your Scene: Run through the scene and figure out where people will enter, exit and move around on stage during the scene. (Make notes on your script as to where you should stand etc...)
  • Memorize Your Lines: You can't use a script when you perform your scene. Memorize your lines. You should have most of them memorized by tomorrow!
  • Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse!

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