Past Lessons

Monday, September 23, 2013

Period 7 - Week 4

MONDAY - Double Period

  1. Do Now: COPY
    Entry Title: Target Vocabulary 
         awkward: causing difficultly; hard to deal with, feeling embarrassed
         acknowledgement: the action of expressing or displaying gratitude or appreciation for something
  2. Learning Target: Today you will learn how to make vocabulary card for study purposes and learn how to summarize information in a text.
  3. Make Vocabulary Flashcards.
  4. Mini-Lesson: How to summarize what you read.
  5. Pracitce: Independent Reading. Focus: Summarizing
  6. Read Aloud: p.37-43 in Swallowing Stones by Joyce McDonald
  7. Class Conversation: Connecting Prior Knowledge
  8. HW: Use each vocabulary word in a sentence. Due Wednesday.

TUESDAY - Single Period
  1. Do Now: Think
    NOTE: You will need two sticky notes for this, not your composition book!
    Think of a word that means the opposite of the following vocabulary words:
       a. instinct
       b. reluctant
       c. unsuspecting
  2. Learning Target: Today you will reinforce your understanding of the vocabulary words for this unit.
  3. Independent Work: Word Knowledge Chart on Page 153
  4. HW: Study for vocabulary quiz on Thursday using your flashcards.

WEDNESDAY - Double Period
  1. Do Now: THINK
    Entry Title: Confusing Spots
    Find two spots in the novel, Swallowing Stones that you found confusing or "didn't get" and write the page numbers on a sticky note. Place the sticky notes in these spots in the book. You will refer to this later in the period.
  2. Learning Targets:  Today you will practice using the vocabulary words in preparation for Thursday's quiz and increase your comprehension of selected aspects of the novel so far.
  3. Group Work: Word Study on Pages 133-134 of Workbook.
  4. Format of Vocabulary Quiz
    - Spelling: You will have to spell each word correctly.
    - Fill in the blank: You will have to know its definition.
    - Put word in a sentence: You will have to use each word correctly in a sentence. Spelling and grammar will count!
  5. Vocabulary Bee
  6. Read Aloud: p.44-51 in Swallowing Stones by Joyce McDonald.
  7. Class Conversation Questions.
    a. What are some questions you have about what was just read?
    b. Why might the scene at the party be included in the text?
    c. Why might the conversation Michael overhears about Jenna Ward be important?
    d. Have you changed your mind about Michael since the beginning of the story?
  8. HW: Study for vocabulary quiz tomorrow.

THURSDAY- Single Period

  1. Do Now: Cram time!! Prepare to take your vocabulary quiz!
  2. Learning Target:  Today you will present your knowledge of the vocabulary words and reflect on the characteristics of several characters in the book.
  3. Administer Vocabulary Quiz
  4. New Entry: Tadrget Vocabulary List II
  5. specific - clearly defined or identify
  6. unbearably - not able to be endured or tolerated
  7. My Independent Menu  - p.19
  8. Class Conversation: Reflecting on character attributes so far.
  9. HW: None

FRIDAY - Double Period
  1. Do Now: COPY
    Entry Title:  Plot Structure
    The sequence of events that take place in a text.
  2. Lesson Targets: You will understand what plot structure is, how different genres have different plots and some texts have multiple plots.
  3. Target Lesson: What is plot structure?  Complete Swallowing Stones Plot Chart
  4. Group Work: p.77 in workbook.
  5. Read Aloud: p.52-58
  6. Classroom Conversation: Connecting Images to Plot and Adding to Plot Chart
  7. HW: TBD