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Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 25 - Periods 7 & 9

  MONDAY - In Library Lab  

  • Do Now...   Finish and/or submit your Personal Narrative by end of class today!

  • Do Now...

    • Today for class all you will need is a pen or pencil.  Please borrow one now if you do not have one and if you need to sharpen your pencil do it now.

  • Learning Target:  Today you will start a reading comprehension test to determine your current reading comprehension level based on the growth you have made since September.  You will take another test later this year to see how much you have improved.

  • Why is this important?  How well you do will determine which students I will be working with individually or in small groups after school in order to help them improve their reading comprehension scores.

  • Grade:  This is your first test grade for the new marking period.

  • How long do you have?  You will have one double and one single period to complete this test.

  • When you finish the exam...
    • Take a mini-break at your seat for five minutes. No music allowed.
    • Then, look over the test again.  Check your answers. Correct any mistakes you are sure of and then raise your hand to let a teach know you are done.
    • If you finish that, then either read independently or select an activity from your independent menu.
    • MUST DO THIS: Analyze your test!

  • Analyze Your Reading Comprehension Test
    • 1.  Match the questions you got wrong with the genre of reading.
      • Question Number                          GENRE
      •   1-5                                          Reading Dialogue
      •   6-11                                        Reading Graphic Organizers
      •   12-17                                      Reading Editorial Comments
      •   18-23                                      Reading New Articles
      •   24-28                                      Reading a Job Listing
      •   29-34                                      Reading Short Fiction
  • 2.  Write a TREES essay which analyzes your reading comprehension skills by answer this question:
    •        Based on your reading comprehension test, explain which genre you feel you should focus on most and explain why.  Remember to use TREES!

  •      After carefully analyzing my Reading Comprehension Test, I realize that one of the areas that needs my attention is Reading a News Article.  This is because I lost most of my points on questions 18-23.  Specifically, I missed numbers 18, 19, and 22.  I did not understand that the reason the Mall Youth Policy was created was to improve public safety in the mall.  Question 19 dealt with the time the curfew would begin. I confused the curfew time with the time the County Youth Group proposed.  Lastly, question 22 asked what the phrase, "mixed reactions" meant.  I thought this meant that generally people disagreed with the policy.  Overall, I must remember to be more careful when reading non-fiction, especially newspaper articles.

  • Behavior: Anyone disrupting this exam will automatically be enrolled in extra help sessions and receive a call home.

  • Do Now...
    • Get out your Ramp-up Workbook, Composition Book and your Independent Reading Book.

  • Learning Target:  Have a 1 to 1 Conference with Mr. DeGrandis for a fluency test and Composition Notebook Check.

  • My Goal for Today and Tomorrow:  To meet individually with each of you, grade your composition notebook and do a fluency test to see how well you can read out loud.

  • What you should do until it is your turn to conference with Mr. DeGrandis:
    • Peer edit your Composition Notebook with a partner.  Mark off 5 DIRT Day entries with a sticky note for grading purposes.  THEN...
    • Select an activity from your Independent Menu on page 19 of your Ramp-up Workbook (see below).
    • You may switch activities at any time.
    • You may not listen to music due to fluency tests.
    • You must be quiet during conferences.
    • Start with a 100 and go from there.
    • Students that disrupt the silence of the room will receive a grade of zero for their composition book grade.

  • Your Choices Include the Following:
    • Read Independently
    • Free Write in Composition Notebook
    • Write a Literary Letter Based on Your Independent Reading Novel
    • Create a Storyboard for the last chapter read in your Independent Reading Novel

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