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Monday, April 7, 2014

Period 9 - Week 27

  MONDAY - single period - Meet in Library  

  • Homework Check:  My Learning Community assignment. 
  • Presentation in the library by Gwyen Mosch, Library Media Specialist, on How to Find Articles On My Topic Using School Databases 
  • Learning Target: I will be able to identify the the correct database I need and search it for texts that relate to my area of investigation.
  • Assessment:  Select and print out one text related to your area of investigation from one of our school databases.

  TUESDAY - double period - Meet in Library  

  • Homework Check:  My Learning Community assignment. 
  • Presentation/Review in the library by Mr. D on How to Find Articles On My Topic Using School Databases 
  • Learning Target: I will be able to print an article from the school database based on my area of investigation and hand it in by the end of this period.
  • Complete the Selecting an Article Assignment.
  • Assessment:  Search for and print an article from the school database on your area of investigation.

  WEDNESDAY - single period - Meet in Library  
  • Learning Target:  I can identify two new areas of investigation about my topic using the Exploring a Topic tool and an article from the school database. 

  • Using the article you found yesterday about your topic, fill out a new Exploring a Topic tool.  Identify two new areas of investigation related to your topic.  Do three for extra credit!

  • Hand in your completed Exploring a Topic Tool at the end of the period for a classwork grade worth 100 points.

  THURSDAY & FRIDAY - Meet in Library 

  • Do Now:  Read and analyze (think about) the diagram below.  How might you explain what it illustrates?

  • Learning Target:  I can ask questions about my area of investigation in order to help me gain background knowledge and understanding of my Potential Area of Investigation.

    • Inquiry Questions:  Questions that identify things you need to know about a topic and that will help guide your research.

  • Mini-Lesson:  Initiating Inquiry: Posing Inquiry Questions

    • Find the handout pictured below in your Research Portfolio.
    • Where are we in the process?  We are still in the exploring a topic of Initiating Inquiry on the student research plan.

    • Posing Inquiry Questions:  Asking questions that will help you conduct pre-searches on one of your areas of investigation.

  • Model how to generate Inquiry Questions based on an Area of Investigation and how to select and refine a question.

  • Guided Practice: remember that you are to find general information about your Area of Investigation that will help you gain background knowledge and understanding of it.

    • WHAT TO DO
      • Select a Potential Area of Investigation from one of your Exploring a Topic tools.
      • On your own or with a group of at least three people, brainstorm a list of at least 15 questions about your Potential Area of Investigation.
      • Use the Generating Questions section of the Posing Inquiry Questions handout to help you.
      • Once you have your list of questions, look at your Potential Area of Investigation Question and refine it using section two of the posing inquiry questions handout.

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