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Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 28 - Periods 7 & 9

  Monday & Tuesday - Single/Double Periods  


  • Do Now:  Think and Respond
  • Entry Title:  Posing Inquiry Questions

    • What are some reasons we pose inquiry questions?

  • Are You Failing English?  Get the help you need to pass tomorrow during periods 5 & 6 or after school!  Don't miss this opportunity to get your grades in shape!

  • Current Grade Reports: Have them signed and returned by tomorrow!
  • Test on Vocabulary List VIII on Friday!  You will create flash cards on Wednesday, review on Thursday and have the test on Friday.

  • Homework:  Use each vocabulary word in sentences that show you know the meaning of the word.  Due Wednesday!

  • Learning Target:  Is my Area of Investigation Question good enough to support my research?

    • Inquiry Questions:  Questions that identify things you need to know about a topic and that will help guide your research.

  • Mini-Lesson:  How do you Pose Inquiry Questions to refine your Area of Investigation Question.

    • Find the handout pictured below in your Research Portfolio.
    • Where are we in the process?  We are still in the exploring a topic of Initiating Inquiry on the student research plan.

    • Posing Inquiry Questions:  Asking questions that will help you conduct searches on your area of investigation.

  • Model how to brainstorm more Inquiry Questions based on an Area of Investigation and change or refine an Area of Investigation.

    • Area of Investigation Question:  How does social networking impact human relationships?

    • 1.  Create Your List of brainstormed questions with your group...
      • How is social networking defined?
      • Where did it come from?
      • When did it start?
      • What is its history?
      • Who are the top experts in the field of social networking?
      • What are the major aspects of social networking?
      • Is social networking and social media the same thing?
      • How are they different?
      • How are they the same?
      • How are they connected if they are?
      • What other things is social networking connected with?
      • Who invented social networking?

    • 2.  Select the best questions to do Google searches on.
      • Review your list and circle the number of the questions you think will produce the best search results.  This is only a guess.  Use your best judgement.  You can always generate more Posing Questions if necessary.  The questions I selected are highlight above.

    • 3.  Hand in your list for teacher review.

    • NOTE: This assignment is a classwork grade worth 100 points.

  • Guided Practice: Brainstorming to refine or edit your Area of Investigation Question using the Posing Inquiry Questions Brainstorming Handout.

    • WHAT TO DO
      • Select a Potential Area of Investigation from one of your Exploring a Topic tools.
      • With a group of at least three people, take turns brainstorming a list of at least 15 questions about your Potential Area of Investigation. Use the Generating Questions section of the Posing Inquiry Questions  sheet to help you.
      • Once you have your list of questions, look at your list of questions and pick the best ones using section two of the posing inquiry questions handout.

  •   HOMEWORK!  Don't forget to complete your sentences for Wednesday!  

  •   Hand back papers and Student Progress Reports. 
  • d
  •   Do you need to schedule a time to meet with Mr. D. to catch up?  Do it before the period is over.

  WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY - Single/Double Periods  
  • Homework Check:  10 Sentences.

  • Do Now:  Use three vocabulary word in one sentence that show you understand the meaning of each word.

  • Learning Target:  Create your own vocabulary flashcards and complete the Vocabulary Word Study Guide for List VIII. If you did not complete your homework, this is also a part of your work today to hand in by the end of the period.

  • Mini-lesson:  How to complete your flashcards and the Vocabulary Study Guide.

  • Work Time:  First finish your homework.  Then, complete your cards and begin the Vocabulary Study Guide.

  •   All work is to be completed by the end of the period Thursday. You will be given a an Engagement Grade each day based on the effort and behavior you display during the Work Time.  

  FRIDAY - Single Period  
  • Do Now:  Prepare and do last minute study for the Vocabulary Test.

  • Take the vocabulary test.

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