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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

MP2 - Week 8/9

  TUESDAY  & WEDNESDAY 1-20,21-2015:  NWEA Testing  

All classes should meet in room A251 for NWEA testing.

  THURSDAY   1-22,23-15:  Write Rough Draft of Inside Out and Back Again Poems  

You will need...
  1. ...your copy of Inside Out and Back Again.
  2. ...your Final Project Packet & Rubrics

Learning Targets
  1. I can write a poem that convey a story using real or imagined experiences or events. W.8.3
  2. I can create poetry using effective language and literary techniques for maximum impact. W.8.3
  3. I can improve and edit my poetry by consulting with peers and adults.  W.8.5

Do Now - Copy
Entry Title:  Vocabulary List IV
9.  preposterous, adj. (preposterously) totally absurd or ridiculous 

Janette's solution to her acne problem was totally preposterous because it required eating fourteen candy bars and one large order of french fries a day.

10.  voraciousadj. (voraciously) - eating or wanting large quantities of food; being very excited about an activity

As a kid, Margo was so excited about reading that she voraciously read 20 books a month!

        Your Task Today
        You must write the next fifty words of your poem today before the end of the period!

        You will receive a classwork grade at the end of the period based on the amount of work you have completed.

        Due Monday
        You must have the rough draft of your Inside Out poem completed by Monday for  a homework grade!

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