Past Lessons

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Week 7

   MONDAY - 10/13 - President's Day - No Classes   

   TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY - 10/14,15 - ELA District Testing Days   

   THURSDAY - 10/9 - Inside Out and Back Again   

  • 1.  Check for handouts!
  • 2.  Get your composition book, novel, and blue folder.

Do Now - THINK
Entry Title:  Review of TREES
  • Fill in the acrostic below.  Use your notes on TREES to help you!

    • T
    • R
    • E
    • E
    • S

Learning Targets

  1. I can make inferences to deepen my understanding of Inside Out & Back Again.
  2.  I can cite evidence from the novel to explain how incidents reveal aspects of Ha’s character.
  3. I can participate in discussions about the text with a partner, small group, and the whole class.
  4. I can write about and analyze literature by drawing inferences.

New Strategy: Syntactic Comparisons
  • What it is... a strategy that helps compare something you already know with a picture to help you remember the concept.
  • How it Works...
    1. You will be presented with four pictures and a statement that reads:  __________ is like ________ because...
    2. You will select a picture that you think best reflects the concept and complete the sentence.
    3. Try it...
TREES is like...


Example:  TREES is like a map because is helps guide me when writing a well developed paragraph.

Mini-Lesson:  Guidelines for QuickWrite #2

    • On a loose-leaf sheet of paper, a complete heading and skipping every other line, complete QuickWrite #2 by the end of the period.

    Bring your DIRT Day novel for tomorrow!

       FRIDAY - 10/10 - DIRT Day   

    • 1.  Get your DIRT Day book, composition book and folder!
    • 3.  Start entry & begin reading before bell rings.
      • Do Now - Start a DIRT Day Entry
      • Entry Title:  DIRT DAY