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Friday, October 17, 2014

Week 8

   WEDNESDAY - 10/22 - Baseline Essay Re-do   

  • 1.  Get out your Challenges Essay from your blue folder!  This was the first essay we did this year.
  • 2.  Get your composition book, and blue folder.

Do Now - THINK
Entry Title:  No Entry Needed
  • Read over your Challenge Essay
  • Check to see if it is in the TREES format.

Home Work Check - Tell Tale Heart Packet

Learning Targets
  1. I can analyze my own writing for proper structure and mechanics.
  2. I can analyze a story for literary elements and comprehension.

Mini-Lesson:  Editing and Corrections
  • If you received a grade of 8 or less on your challenge essay, you must re-write it.
  • You will check answers for the Tell Tale Heart packet with a partner.

    • Final copy of Challenge Essay
    • Peer graded literary packet.


       FRIDAY - 10/22 - DIRT Day   

    • Do Now - Start a DIRT Day Entry
    • Entry Title:  DIRT DAY

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