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Friday, October 31, 2014

Week 10

    MONDAY   11:3:14    Composition Book Review    

Reminders:  End of Marking Period 1 is Friday!

  1. All Make-up Work is due by end of day Tomorrow!
  2. You need your composition book today!
  3. Grab handout(s) from the back table!
  4. Check the wall.  New GRADES ARE POSTED!

Do Now - Create a New Vocabulary List
Entry Title:  Vocabulary List III
  1. accentuate (accentuated, accentuating, accentuates, accentuating) - to make more noticeable
  2. aspire (aspired, aspiring, aspires, aspired) -  an ambitious goal or plan

Learning Targets
  1. I can evaluate student writing for accuracy.
  2. I can peer evaluate student writing for completeness of purpose using a rubric.

Mini-Lesson:  Using a Rubric
  • How to use the Composition Book Grading Rubric
  • Model and process.
  • Absent students need to be evaluated as well!
  • When done, review QuickWrite #2 for completeness and finish if necessary!

    Completed rubric handed in at the end of class.


        TUESDAY    11:4:14    Make-up Day   

    Reminders:  You need your composition book today!


    Do Now - Copy
    Entry Title:  Vocabulary List III
    1. boisterous - noisy, energetic, and cheerful; rowdy
    2. decorum - proper manners or conduct

    Learning Targets
    1. I can evaluate my own academic progress in English class.
    2. I can use charts and spreadsheets to understand my grades and missing assignments.

    Mini-Lesson:  Score-sheets, Participation and Missing Work Reports
    • Review of how to understand your grade in English.
    • All work must be turned in by the end of the period.
    • All grades will be closed by end of day Wednesday.
    • Begin homework when completed.

      All late work turned in.


      1. Read pages 22-41 of Inside Out and Back Again.
      2. Re-read the poems "TiTi Waves Goodbye" and "Current News"

          WEDNESDAY    11:5:14    Inside Out & Back Again    

      Reminders:  End of Marking Period 1 is Friday!

      1. You will need your composition book and blue folder.
      2. Grab a copy of handout titled:  Vietnam Wars
      3. Get your QuickWrite #2 from Mr. DeGrandis.
      4. No more late work accepted after today at 3:00 pm.

      Do Now - Copy
      Entry Title:  Vocabulary List III

      5.  despondent - (despondently) - without or almost without hope
      The widow seemed despondent during the memorial service honoring her husband.

      6.  divulge - (divulging, divulged, divulges) - make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret.
      Police investigators will not always divulge the details of a case to the media in order to protect crime victims.

      Connection:  Student Sample of QuickWrite #1

      1. Remember our purpose in this unit is to learn to analyze text as you read, discuss and write.
      2. You are making great progress!!
      3. Biggest need of improvement?  Explaining evidence!  Check out this awesome QuickWrite below!

      Who is Ha?

                Ha is a ten-year-old girl living in Saigon in 1975.  For such a little girl, ha is very angry.  She gets bossed around, teased and hushed so why shouldn't she be?  An example of how she expresses anger is on page one.  “Everyone must smile no matter how we feel.”  I can infer that she is being sarcastic, because the tone of how the sentence is written tells me she in angrily making fun of that rule, almost like she thinks it is silly. Another example of how Ha is angry is on page two.  “An old, angry knot expanded in my throat.”  If it is an old, angry knot then that means that she has continually had to hold her tongue, making her even more mad.  One last example of how Ha shows that she is angry is on page five.  “I can’t make my brothers go live elsewhere, but I can hide their sandals.” This shows that she wants her brothers to live somewhere else instead of working it out.  I think Ha’s anger will fuel her choices throughout the book and I am excited to see where it takes her.

      Learning Target
      I can determine the main idea of an informational text about the Vietnam War.

      Mini-Lesson:  Informational Text vs. Historical Fiction
      • Today we will begin reading an informational text about the Vietnam War that will help you understand why there are bombs near Ha's home, why Americans were in Vietnam and why Communists were living in Saigon.
      • Historical Fiction
        Informational Text
        Based on real events
        Real events
        Based on real people
        Real people
        Based on real facts
        Real facts
        Author’s purpose is to entertain through eyes of a character
        Author’s purpose is to inform the reader
        One central idea
        Many main ideas

      • Authors do a great deal of research when writing historical fiction to learn about the time and place of which they write.
      • Readers often become so interested in the novel that they read informational text to better understand the time and place.  You will do this today!
      • Informational Text Authors Purpose:  to inform
      • Historical Fiction Authors Purpose: to entertain from a character's point of view.
      • Let's see where we will be reading about...

        Setting: Time and Place
        • Time: 1975
        • Place: Saigon (see Google Map of Asia)
          • Turn and Talk:  What do you notice about the countries surrounding Vietnam?
          • Think-Pair-Share:  Based on what you notice, what can you infer about the history of Vietnam and its relationship with the countries around it?

        1. Review expectations for RATA time.
        2. Discuss the title and sub titles.
        3. Is this article just about the Vietnam War?
        4. RA/TA
        5. Re-read each paragraph.  Jot down notes as to the gist of each paragraph.
        6. Turn and Talk to a partner and share your thoughts.


        1. Put everything in your blue folder.
        2. Put away your composition notebooks.
        3. Push in your chairs.
        4. Hand in your assessment before you leave the room.

        On a half sheet of paper with a complete heading, list at least one fact you learned about the history of war in Vietnam after reading the article.


            THURSDAY   11:6:14    Inside Out and Back Again    

        Reminders:  End of Marking Period 1 is Friday!

        1. You will need your composition book and blue folder.
        2. No more late work accepted.

        Do Now - Think
        Entry Title:  Differences Between Info. and Hist. Text
        • Alone or with a partner, think about the differences between informational text and historical text.
        • Write down some of the difference you recall (don't use your notes) and then share them with a partner.

        Learning Targets
        I can determine the main idea of an informational text about the Vietnam War.

        Work Time:  The Chinese Dragon  
        • Using the note sheets...
        • Use the Think-Pair-Share strategy to complete the worksheet.
        • Let do the first one together...

        Team Challenge
          1. To support you in this challenging reading, you will be assigned a section to read as team.
          2. Your participation grade will depend on how well you work with your group.
          3. Get your assigned section from Mr. DeGrandis
            • 1's and 2's = Read Section 2: "Everything Tends to Ruin"
            • 3's and 4's = Read Section 3: "Life, Liberty and Ho Chi Minh"
            • 5's and 6's = Read Section 4: "The Fall of the French 1945-1954"
          4. Your group will write a summary of your section to share with the class.  This will also be a participation grade worth 30 points.

              FRIDAY  11:7:14    DIRT Day    
          • Do Now - Start a DIRT Day Entry
          • Entry Title:  DIRT DAY

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