Past Lessons

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Marking Period 2 - Week 2

    MONDAY   11:17:14    Making Vocabulary Flashcards for List III   

Reminders:  You will need...
  1. Composition book with Vocabulary List III
  2. 10 blank flashcards

Do Now - THINK
Entry Title:  Vocabulary Practice for List III

Directions:  Answer the questions. You DO NOT have to copy the questions, just give a response.

  • Describe a situation in which you might be wary of proper decorum and avoid a potentially excruciatingly embarrassing situation.

  • What might you say if you were asked to divulgeboisterous message for the morning announcements during spirit week?

  • What might be one way to spurn an encroaching alien threat that aspired to destroy planet Earth?

Learning Targets
I can create study tools that will help me do well on the test for Vocabulary List III!

      Work Time
      Each student should create one flashcard for each vocabulary word.

      Show Mr. DeGrandis your completed cards for a grade.


      • Finish your vocabulary flash cards if not completed in class.  These are due tomorrow for a Homework Grade!
      • Study for your vocabulary test on Thursday.

          TUESDAY   11:18:14    Presenting Summaries of Informational Texts on the War History of Vietnam   

      Reminders:  You will need...
      1. Composition book
      2. Summary of your article for HW
      3. Blue folder and The Vietnam Wars informational text packet.
      4. New! - A copy of The Vietnam Wars Questions and Notes Sheets handout!

      Do Now - THINK
      Entry Title:  Timeline of Articles
      Start a New Entry Titled:  Timeline of Articles
      Directions:  Recreate the timeline below into your composition book. Using the dates given in each article, match each date with the correct title of each article.  The first one is done for you.


      Learning Targets

      1. I can determine the main idea of an informational text about the Vietnam War. 
      2. I can improve my background knowledge about the history of wars in Vietnam.
      3. I can work with a group to create a presentation for my peers.

        Mini-Lesson:  New Strategy: The Modified Jigsaw
        • What is it?  A way to quickly learn a lot of information about a specific topic in a short amount of time.
        • How's it Work?
          • Each group will read their article to the class and share their summary of their assigned article with the class.
          • Students in the audience will take notes using The Vietnam Wars Questions and Notes Sheets handout.
        • Reminder:  The goal here is to understand more about the history of war in Vietnam so you can better understand what's going on with Ha and her family in the novel we are reading. You do not need to understand every detail of the text.
        • What You Should Do...
          1. Get out the The Vietnam Wars Questions and Notes Sheets handout.
          2. Listen as each group shares their article and summary statement.
          3. Take notes using The Vietnam Wars Questions and Notes Sheets.

        Work Time
        Each group will present their article and summary poster to the class.

        Your group will be graded using the rubric below.
        4 points
        3 points
        2 points
        1 point
        Presentation was very organized and was very easy to follow. Transitions between group members were well planned and executed cleanly.
        Presentation was fairly organized and easy to follow. Transitions might have been slightly discontinuous but did not take away greatly from the overall presentation.
        Presentation was not clearly organized. Transitions between members were jumpy or awkward.
        Presentation lacked organization. Poor transitions between group members individual parts. Presentation lacked order and very difficult to follow.
        The group worked very well with each other and the presentation was shared equally among the group members.
        The group worked well with each other and communicated well. Some members participated slightly more than others.
        Group communicated relatively well with a few lapses in the presentation; some students dominated the presentation and others did not participate much.
        Group did not work well together. There were obvious miscommunications and lapses in the presentation.
        Group members had a stronghold on the content and content was thoroughly addressed. No mistakes were made with regard to content knowledge.
        Most of the group members has a solid understanding of the content. Content missing minor elements or contained minor errors.
        Group members had only a superficial understanding of content. Several mistakes were made during the presentation.
        Group members had little to no understanding of the content addressed in the presentation.
        Visual aids used were used effectively throughout presentation. Group members used visual aids as a supplement, not as a crutch.
        Visual aids used were somewhat effective, but weren't used consistently throughout presentation.
        Visual aids used did not support verbal presentation. They lacked information, or groups members read from them.
        Visual aids were not used at all.

        Study for your vocabulary test on Thursday.

           WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY  11-19&20  Vietnam War History Presentations   

           FRIDAY 11-21  Review Day for Vocabulary List III Test    

        Reminders:  You will need...
        1. Composition book
        2. Vocabulary flashcards (optional)

        Do Now - THINK
        Entry Title:  More Vocabulary Practice for List III

        Directions:  Answer the questions. You DO NOT have to copy the questions, just give a response.

        • How might a despondent teacher behave in class?

        • What are some ways you might accentuate your decorum during a family dinner?

        Learning Targets

        1. I can use various forms of words in sentences.
        2. I can spell target words correctly.
        3. I can define target words accurately.

        Mini-Lesson:  Review Around the Room and Back Game Rules for List III 
        • Introduce each challenge.
        • Divide class into groups of five.
        • Each group will face the vocabulary challenge at their station.
        • The group that wins the most challenges will receive three tickets each for the next raffle next week!

          Work Time
          Play the game.

          Winners of the game and accuracy of challenge responses.

          Study for Vocabulary III test tomorrow!

             MONDAY   11-24  Vocabulary Test on List III    

             TUESDAY 11-25  DIRT DAY